Thematic Committees.

Events, forums and Seminars

Interaction spaces

The Czech Colombo Business Council develop spaces for the interaction of topics where the word, the discussion, the objective analysis of the day to day is a contribution of interest to the affiliates. In addition to developing strategies, we also make transparent alliances with the public sector, the information provided is truthful and highly relevant for the committees of the productive, business and commercial sectors, and especially alliances with the government. We are a platform to bring together all sectors with alternatives in the realization of events, forums, seminars, talks, networking to be updated in today’s global world.

The Committees develop in-depth discussions on various topics, as well as access to a space for discussion and information of high strategic value. offers a space between the needs between the business sector and the government.

The committees interact on agendas and be able to schedule activities based on their respective thematic focuses, aligned to the strategic axes of CECCZ.

Committee Colombia
Czech Republic

  • Bilateral Issues
  • European Union treaty
  •  Memorandum of understanding.
  •  Turism and economic reactivation.
  • Opening of the Embassy in Prague.
  • Commercial Agenda.
  • Public sector Alliances Czech Republic

Susteinable enviroment

  • Environmental care
  • Envaironmental and social investment
  • Sustainable economic development.
  • Climate change water
  • Decarbonization, protecction
  • Circualr Economy in pandemic.
  • Clean energy transition

International trade

  • Bilateral trade facilitation.
  • Foreign invest and HUB.
  • Customs Regulation
  • Trade Politics Czech republic.
  • Economy and digital Commerce.
  • E-Commerce  and competitiveness.
  • Economic reactivation.


  • Sector Opportunities Czech Republic
  • Business Round
  • Inverstment and Technology for agriculture
  • Productivity and competitiveness
  • Confederation of Czech Industries.
  • Import and Export


  • Access to Opportunities.
  • Infraestructure
  • Growth and innovation.
  • Transparency and legality.
  • Democracy and  CSR.
  • Internacional relations.
  • Social Dimension of Companies

Culture and ethics committee

  • Music, Art promotion
  • Cultural Exchanges  Countries.
  • Cinema, literature
  • International Announcements.
  • Development of bilateral activities.
  • Model Entrepreneurs.
  • Cultural Business programs.

Main office

Calle 127 No. 16a-76, office 303.

Bogotá, Colombia

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