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The Colombo Czech Business Council, formerly the Colombo Czech Chamber of Commerce, was re-founded in 2017 by H.E. Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Bogotá, Mr. Milos Slenka, and Mr. Alex Sierra Moncada, with the approval and presence of the delegation of the Committee on Economy, Agriculture and Transport of the Senate of the Czech Parliament, composed of the Vice President of the Commission, Mr. Jaromír Strnad, Vice-President Lumír Aschenbrenner, Vice-President Leopold Sulovský and the Secretary of the Commission, Ms. Andrea Jůzová.



The purpose is to build trust, create a commercial link between Czech and Colombian companies, and also be a business, academic, cultural and social bridge in the growth of internationalization.


CECCZ will be an internationally recognized entity in 2022, as the solid platform for agile, committed and dynamic commercial exchange; providing the best business opportunities to our members, promoting Colombian economic growth and bringing friendly ties between  Czech Republic and Colombia


CECCZ creates, consolidates, promotes, develops, and strengthens commercial, industrial and investment relationships between Colombian and Czech entrepreneurs, integrating culture, academia and society.



Generate business opportunities nationally and internationally.

Unite the main government entities of the Czech Republic in favor of Colombian entrepreneurs.

Accompany and support the main entities of the Czech government, in their activities in Colombia

Main office

Calle 127 No. 16a-76, office 303.

Bogotá, Colombia

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