We are your strategic partner in comercial relations between tHE Czech republic and Colombia


A country with a strategic geographic location for being the link between North and South American countries, it has coasts on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with a market of 50 million inhabitants and an average economic growth of 3.0% per year.

Great development possibilities, advances in security, economic and social development, foreign investment, foreign trade and tourism have played a very important role for foreign investment. Colombia is currently a member of the Pacific Alliance and the OECD.

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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic or Czechia, is a country located in central Europe, with a long tradition in the engineering sector and with a complementary economy similar to ours.

It focuses on the manufacture of machinery and other technologies. it is also an important consumer in Europe, of agricultural products that have added value to transform into raw material Its solid and prosperous economy, rich in history and culture, make it a nation with influence in the recent economic of the european union.

We've got you covered.

We generate business opportunities nationally and internationally.

We unite the main government entities of the Czech Republic in favor of Colombian entrepreneurs.

We accompany and support the main entities of the Czech government, in their activities in Colombia

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National business rounds assistance

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Forums talks Conferences Seminars


Czech Republic trade missions organization


Bilateral memorandum of understanding signed


Invest in Colombia and the Czech Republic

- Market expansion
- Sales and marketing Acceleration
- Business Agenda and Contacts.
- Corporate Social Responsability

Commercial acceleration and business presence

- Businees with Colombian and Czech government
- Business incubation and operations.
- STAR/UPS and Pymes programs
- Learning Center

Business Strengthening

- Foroums, Seminars, Talks, Conferences.
- Social and Cultural events
- National and e International Business Conferences
- Tecnological and Cientific Exchanges

Businees and comercial networking

- Promotion and News
- Commercial management and translations
- Advice ans Consulting in comercial áreas.
- Made in Colombia – Made in Czech Republic.

Promotion and news of both countries.

Services between countries.
Databases, contacts and comercial networking.
Publications in CECCZ newsletter

Fair’s Participation, Events y Delegations.

- Colombo Czech Commercial information.
- Advice on participation as an exhibitor or visitor at trade fairs in the Czech Republic and Colombia.
- Delegations in Germany and Colombia.
- Employment Buerau

Affiliate members

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Join us

In the council we carry out management consultancies to contribute to the well-being of all sectors, accelerating the growth of Colombian and Czech companies in their commercial positioning.

Our clients are all over the world, thus with strategies, the Council recommends international investors to look to our affiliated companies to support them in entrepreneurship and competitiveness.

Sponsorship plan 2022

A series of offers to make your company visible in the activities that the Czech Colombian Business Council develops each year, in order to promote healthy business competition and awareness of its own MADE IN brand.

Events Calendar

Every year a special agenda is developed with top-level events, in which businessmen share experiences in the sectors of their interest to promote their business products and services in the field of internationalization.

Our Job


Thematic Committees


Social Responsability

Sponsorship plan


Main office

Calle 127 No. 16a-76, office 303.

Bogotá, Colombia

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