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We accompany you at every stage

Advice and support

Every new market comes with a new set of business and establishment regulations. CECCZ has a range of online services, benefits, tools, guides and trainings that will make your entry as easy as possible. We also offer a free advisory service on trade regulations, export procedures and how to start a business in the Czech Republic.



Market entry
Search for business partners.
Commercial agenda
Advice and consultancy
Virtual business promotion
Virtual advice
Market study

Sales and marketing

Managing serious suppliers
Contacts and business networks
Free press and Colombian media
Political and business meetings
Social media publications

Events, Fairs
Trade missions

Appointments accompaniment and travel
Financing to fairs trips
Delegations in both countries
Virtual Participation
Event sponsorship


Invest in Colombia and Czech Republic

- Market expansion
- Sales and marketing Acceleration
- Business Agenda and Contacts.
- Corporate Social Responsability

Commercial acceleration and business presence

- Businees with Colombian and Czech government
- Business incubation and operations.
- STAR/UPS and Pymes programs
- Learning Center

Business Strengthening

- Foroums, Seminars, Talks, Conferences.
- Social and Cultural events
- National and e International Business Conferences
- Tecnological and Cientific Exchanges

Businees and commercial networking

- Promotion and News
- Commercial management and translations
- Advice ans Consulting in comercial áreas.
- Made in Colombia – Made in Czech Republic.

Promotion and news of both countries.

Services between countries.
Databases, contacts and comercial networking.
Publications in CECCZ newsletter

Fair’s Participation, Events y Delegations.

- Colombo Czech Commercial information.
- Advice on participation as an exhibitor or visitor at trade fairs in the Czech Republic and Colombia.
- Delegations in Germany and Colombia.
- Employment Buerau

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