Sponsorship plan 2022

Sponsorship fees

A series of offers to make your company visible in the activities that the Czech Colombian Business Council develops each year, in order to promote healthy business competition and awareness of its own MADE IN brand.

Annual Sponsorship

Price: $1.000.000 / 230

Logo in the signature footer of emails that are sent to more than 2000 contact's

Gold Sponsor

Price: $ 5´000.000 / 1.350

- Company branding on all invitations issued by CECCZ.
- The company is entitled to one free guest of its choice to participate in all CECCZ events.
- Company banner at 2 CECCZ events per year.
- E-banner in CECCZ publications 2 times a year.
- E-banner on the CECZC website for 3 months

Plata Sponsor

Price: $ 10´000.000 / 2.300

- Brand presence on all invitations made by CECCZ.
- Option for your company to invite 3 free guests of your choice to participate in all CECCZ events.
- Company Banner at all CECCZ events.
- E-banner in CECCZ publications for 1 year.
- Permanent banner at events.
- E-banner in CECCZ website for 3 months.
- Special sponsorship opportunities for cultural, social and Sporting events organized by CECCZ

Main office

Calle 127 No. 16a-76, office 303.

Bogotá, Colombia

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