Why join?

By being an Affiliate of CECCZ, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages offered by the largest network of economic and commercial relations between Colombia and the Czech Republic.

If you would like to contact Czech companies, expand your network of business contacts, participate in business events and enjoy the other services we offer, then the advice is your ideal starting point.

Who might be interested in being part of the CECCZ?

– Companies looking for a contact platform in the economic field.

– Companies or individuals who want to deepen their current network of company contacts in both countries or simply want to make themselves known in the market through being a member of the CECCZ

– Czech companies with ties in Colombia and vice versa (subsidiaries, investee companies, suppliers, distributors and branches.)

– Public or private entities that need a moderator for commercial matters related to the two countries.

Membership fees 2022

How to be part of CECCZ and enjoy the services and benefits to strengthen relations between the Czech Republic and Colombia:


$ 1’000.000 / 230
Assets between 0 to $100.000.000 COP
*anual quota

Small business

$ 1´500.000 / 350
Activos Assets between $100.000.001 to $ COP
*anual quota

Medium-sized company

$ 2´000.000 / 450

Assets between $ to $ COP
*anual quota

Big company

$ 3´500.000 / 800
Assets between $ COP and up.
*anual quota



1)Fill out the registration form on the website, which will be studied by the CECCZ Steering Committee.

2)Una Once the accreditation to belong to CECCZ has been positively approved, you can start the process of canceling the membership fee according to the assets of your company in the following cuenta de ahorros Banco de Bogotá No. 223601014.

3)To be a member of the Czech Colombian Business Council, you must meet some important requirements:

  – Interest in the Czech and Colombian market..

  – Being natural or legal personnel does not matter the nationality

  – Respect and accept the rules and statutes of CECCZ, which are for the benefit of all.

4) After meeting the requirements, you must attach the following documents: (Colombian requirements)

  -. Certificado de Existencia y Representación con validez de 6 meses.

  – R.U.T. ( Registro Único Tributario).

  – Fotocopia del documento de identificación del Representante legal.

  – Carta dirigida al comité directivo solicitando ingreso como afiliado o miembro de junta.

  – Balance Contable ultimo año.

  – Declaración de origen de fondos.

5) Due to the pandemic and the current self-care policies in the country, CECCZ receives all the documents and the copy of the membership payment digitally for the respective registration process to the following email:

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